Ellen Marie Moysons was born in 1994 and grew up in Kampenhout, Belgium.
Initially aspiring to become a writer, at the age of 14 she came in touch with Belgian artist Kaat Tilley, who inspired her to take up drawing and painting.
From 2013-2014 Ellen Marie studied Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and continued her education at the prestigious Barcelona Academy of Art where drawing, painting and sculpture are taught according to traditional Renaissance principles. She graduated from the drawing and painting program in 2017 and was thereupon recruited as a teacher at the academy. In 2019 Ellen Marie had her first solo exhibition in her home country and has been exhibiting her work internationally ever since. The artist is currently living and working in Antwerp.

The work of Ellen Marie can be described as dynamic, expressive, full of life. Greatly inspired by dance and movement, she creates intricate constellations of human figures that seem to be floating through abstract, otherworldly spaces. Sometimes intimately entangled, at other times caught up in agonising battles or explosive dance scenes. In these larger works the artist investigates the different dynamics that exist amongst people. Without a preconceived plan, she allows the compositions to be revealed with each body part, until a harmonious whole is formed.
Parallel to this body of work a second series of paintings has been developing in which her figures appear solitary and contemplative, caught up in mystical worlds and ethereal atmospheres.
Oscillating between the divine and the ordinary, her work explores the triumph and tragedy of human existence.