Opening Metamorphosis

1st of March 2019.
From 19h for sponsors
From 20h for normal public

“Metamorphosis” is the debut exhibition in Belgium of Ellen Marie.
Ever since graduating from the Barcelona Academy of Art in June 2017, Ellen has been vigorously working away at the canvas, looking for her own story to tell through images. Working in her studio in Barcelona, she is thrilled to show her artwork for the first time to the public in her home country.

The body of work for “Metamorphosis” is a testimony of the artist’s search for the divine within the ordinary. Literally meaning the process of transformation from an immature form to a more refined form, Ellen Marie’s aspiration is to paint her way to Truth.

The show will be on display from the 1st-10th of March at the Camme in Perk.
Saturdays & Sundays: open from 14-20h.